7 Tips To Boost Organizational Productivity And Efficiency

7 Tips To Boost Organizational Productivity And Efficiency

7 Tips To Boost Organizational Productivity And Efficiency

Lucky Ezeinuaku
Lucky Ezeinuaku

Organizational growth and expansion partly depend on the organizational leaders’ ability to develop strategic ideas and plans that enable the entire organization to gravitate towards high productivity and efficiency.

Activities without productivity are only a waste of time; hence, organizational leaders must develop strategies that help save time while creating a platform for employees to work smart and not only work hard. Hard work without the corresponding result or outcome will only lead to the frustration of both employees and organizational leaders.

There are tips that can engender maximum productivity and efficiency in every organization, irrespective of the industry. The importance of understanding how to improve productivity in an organization cannot be overemphasized. Hence, you may have to take a moment to go through these 7 tips to boost organizational productivity and efficiency.

7 Tips to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

There are exact ways to improve productivity in an organization. These methods of improving productivity can move any organization from the bottom to the top level of its specific industry. The following are some of the factors that increase productivity in every organization.

1. Set Strategic Goals/Work Plan

Have you ever imagined a football match without any goalposts on the side of both teams? What would be the standard for measuring performance during the match, and the reference to be considered the basis for determining the winner of the match? It’s crazy to play a match without goalposts, right? Of course, it is!

Unfortunately, that’s how many organization leaders run their companies with no definite standard goals with which to measure organizational performance at all levels. One of the foremost strategies for boosting organizational productivity and efficiency is setting realistic goals.

Every realistic goal aligns with the “ABC” of goal setting. Your organizational goals must be A – Attainable, B – Believable, and C – Concrete. When setting organizational goals, be specific about what you want to achieve, with a deadline for its achievement. Then develop a working plan on how to achieve the goals. Let the goals stretch everyone to do more, but it must be realistic or attainable.

2. Minimize Distractions

Since your organizational goals are expected to be time-bound, it would be best if every employee in an organization turns off everything capable of being a distraction, such as uncontrolled phone calls, social media chats, etc.

It would be helpful to design a broken system that will enable employees to attend to activities that would have been a distraction during working hours, such as phone calls, text messages, social media, etc.

3. Maximize Work Time

“Work like there is no time for rest, and rest like there is no time for work.” Focus is key! 

Always ensure to be where you are whenever you are there. Work when it’s time to work; take a break when it’s time to do so, and so on.

Giving your 100 percent attention to whatever task has been given to you will help you maximize the time allocated for the job for maximum productivity and efficiency. Always work with a deadline in mind; employees will stay focused until the job is actualized.

4. Delegate Tasks

Top-level organizational personnel must learn to delegate work to their subordinates to enable them to focus on more critical managerial issues. Endeavor to identify qualified staff with a proven track record of successful performance in specific areas and transfer some responsibilities.

When you delegate work to employees, it helps broaden their scope by acquiring different skills and experience that exposes them to leadership. The more employees scale up their skills and potentials, the more efficient they are on the job, thereby producing remarkable results.

5. Use the Right Equipment and Tools

Working with archaic traditional approaches will only reduce productivity and efficiency. Engaging the right tools and equipment such as accounting software, marketing tools, cloud storage system, etc., will exponentially multiply productivity and efficiency.

One thing that frustrates an employee is trying to do a job with defective equipment or a tool that requires them to spend more time than necessary if they had better equipment. It is essential to flow with the developmental trends in the technology world, such as the migration of organizations to the cloud and the likes.

6. Consistently Motivate Employees

A bunch of discouraged employees will result in reduced productivity and efficiency, as they will find it difficult to put in their best in the work process. Therefore, organizational leaders must find the best possible ways to motivate their employees to give their best.

A motivated employee will resume earlier and possibly close late just to ensure that they get the job done. They will necessarily put away distractions and maximize whatever time is allocated for the job because they feel loved and appreciated by their superiors.

7. Incorporate Employees’ Contributions

Incorporating employees in the decision-making process of an organization gives them a sense of belonging. Meanwhile, giving employees a sense of belonging boosts their self-worth, making them put in their best to ensure that the decision reached works out perfectly because they are involved and will share the blame for any failure.

Organizational leaders should learn to carry their subordinates along during their decision-making process, seeking their inputs to arrive at a more reasonable conclusion. Even if their ideas don’t make sense, they will feel honored to have the privilege of making an input.


The 7 tips to boost organizational productivity and efficiency above are some of the underlying principles many giant firms engaged in attaining quantum leap in their productivity and efficiency in every aspect of their organization. They are still workable today and can produce a massive result in increased productivity and efficiency for your organization.

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