Denis Z.

Denis Z.

Senior UI/UX Designer

Kharkiv, Ukraine
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About Me

For over the past decade, Denis has bolstered up more than 160 companies with web and mobile app design optimization. He's passionate about helping companies improve and scale the UX of their products by increasing the metrics of user success and engagement rates with thoughtful and innovative designs. Denis is particularly skilled at creating UI/UX, wireframing, designing digital products, and enhancing mobile designs.

Work history

Freelance UI/UX Designer
2018 - 2108 (90 years)
  • Designed a platform for retirement investing.

  • Created user personas.

  • Designed the user onboarding process based on personas.

  • Developed an emotional and trending layout design.

  • Helped craft the user journey.

UX/UI Designer
2017 - Present (6 years)
  • Developed a website design for a promotional product.

  • Created the company blog design.

  • Designed aspects of a CRM system.

  • Designed the internal materials.

  • Developed and implemented alternative design approaches.

Keller Williams
Senior UX/UI Designer
2016 - Present (7 years)
  • Designed an experience for search iterations.

  • Conducted user testing.

  • Created the visual architecture.

  • Developed the visual concept.

  • Designed UI animations.

  • Crafted custom icons.

Car From Japan
Expert UX/UI Designer
2015 - 2017 (2 years)
  • Designed an eCommerce platform.

  • Provided UX research.

  • Built marketplace behavior maps.

  • Designed sketches and wireframes.

  • Created prototypes.

  • Designed polished user interfaces.

Axure RP Pro Sketch
Lead UX/UI Designer
2009 - 2015 (6 years)
  • Created fintech interfaces.

  • Designed interfaces for Forex investments.

  • Crafted designs for a trader's app's GUI.

  • Created animations for interfaces.

  • Developed HTML animations with video backgrounds.

sXray Optics
Medical Equipment Designer
2007 - 2009 (2 years)
  • Created the UI for a medical device.

  • Designed graphic materials for medical devices.

  • Worked on the visual architecture.

  • Created educational materials for the graphical user interface (GUI).

Freelance UI Designer
Present (2023 years)
  • Redesigned a discounter platform for Ezerus' vitamin eShop.

  • Developed an eCommerce design for desktop and mobile views.

  • Crafted a Magento store design.

  • Custom designed the user interface for a responsive eCommerce website.


Senior UI/UX Designer - Positly
Senior UI/UX Designer - Positly

Positly is the easiest way to find high-quality participants and makes it simple to manage complex studies. Oversaw UX/UI design tasks for all web interface and user backend interface - working as a Senior UX Designer/Researcher. The solution increased engagements and revenue, leading to a merge with a big company.

UX/UI Designer/Researcher/Interviewer - CloudResearch(TurkPrime)
UX/UI Designer/Researcher/Interviewer - CloudResearch(TurkPrime)

CloudResearch, formerly TurkPrime, is the leading participant-sourcing platform for online research and surveys. Its tools provide academic and market researchers immediate access to millions of diverse, high-quality respondents. Worked on the facelift and redesign of all systems from scratch; implementing new patterns, creating all user backend interface with Sketch, Abstract and Figma - making eight iterations with live prototypes and user tests.

UX/UI Designer/Interaction Designer - Immerse Education
UX/UI Designer/Interaction Designer - Immerse Education

Immerse Education organises exceptional educational experiences in incredible locations across the UK. Each summer, participants from around the world attend our programmes, experiencing the highest quality of education combined with a fun and carefully planned extracurricular schedule. Created the UX design for Immerse Education with a luxurious look and feel; increasing trust, brand voice and user engagement.