Automated and configurable identity verification for any business and any use case - starting at $0.

Persona enables businesses to seamlessly verify customer identities with a drop-in widget that can be integrated in less than 10 lines of code. From selfie videos to government-issued IDs to database lookups, Persona offers a comprehensive suite of fully-automated identity verification components with worldwide coverage (190+ countries and 20 languages) that can be configured, themed, and branded to create custom-tailored flows that cover any use case. Let Persona handle the complexities of securely collecting, verifying, and managing sensitive personal information, so you can stay focused on building your product. *Discount includes 500 free government ID (with selfie as optional) verifications a month or 25% off the advanced platform fee for the Growth Plan for one year.

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Choose the building blocks you need to create the ideal identity verification experience for your business and customers.

500 free government ID or 25% off*