Marko M.

Marko M.

Senior Software Engineer

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About Me

I have an extensive background creating and developing client and server-side code for web applications in PHP and Java. I develop customized web applications, content management systems, APIs, tools, and WordPress websites/themes. I am an avid learner who keeps up with the newest and best options and quickly learns new technologies. I thrive when working on challenging projects and have outstanding problem solving skills. As a client focused developer, my goal is to assure that clients receive outstanding service and support throughout the development process.

Work history

2014 - 2016 (2 years)
  • Created numerous websites, APIs, and tools for a broad range of customers.

  • Managed and developed a video streaming service.

  • Developed an online signing document system.

  • Created numerous Wordpress themes and website.

  • Managed and developed the company's internal information systems.

  • Developed the back-end of numerous web applications.

  • Developed the API and implemented new features and calculations.

Software Engineer and Co-Founder
2010 - Present (14 years)
  • Created and developed a single-page web app with an admin panel for content management.

  • Developed numerous WordPress-based websites and customized themes.

  • Created a custom service-oriented web application that effectively compared product prices.

  • Led the development of static websites and managed the front-end scripts with dynamic content.

  • Implemented Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ API integration on multiple websites.

  • Managed SEO optimization for a broad range of websites.

  • Led a team of eight.


Web developer

Third Eye (Other amazing things) - Third Eye is a multitouch-enabled, augmented reality, educational project in development. The developed hardware and software is a working mock-up. It consists of augmented reality glasses connected to client computers that interpret the screen to create adequate 3D objects for the wearer to see, and a multitouch table that provides an intuitive "touch" user interface, allowing easy manipulation of shown objects.

Web developer

ISUM (Metropolitan Universities Information System) (Development) - I was involved in the design, development, and integration of a project assignment web application platform for the Metropolitan Universities Information System. The platform is used for distributing, reviewing, discussing, and collaborating on project assignments for students within the University's Information System. The implemented module is fully integrated into the Universities IS and uses the University's API for managing the data being processed (teachers, students, semesters, courses, assignments, etc.). It is developed using Java, Tapestry, Hibernate, Maven, and MySQL.

Web developer (Development) - I developed a web portal for comparing product prices in large Serbian supermarkets. It is a one-page web app, highly optimized with an admin panel to manage the content. The application uses JSON-RPC for client-server communication. The admin panel is a custom CMS for managing a supermarket and its products, with a web content parser for parsing prices from supermarket websites, PDFs, and XML and CSV documents.

Web developer

PowerScout (Development) - Worked on the first Big Data enabled eCommerce platform for clean Energy. Implemented API's and calculations that present customers with customised clean energy solutions that combine solar photovoltaics, electric vehicle charging, electric storage and energy-efficient appliances.


Information Technologies Engineer, Information Technologies
Faculty of Information Technologies, Metropolitan University