Oleksandr R.

Oleksandr R.

Senior Software Engineer

Свищов, Bulgaria
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About Me

As an experienced developer, I have managed many sophisticated Android projects as well as some web projects and apps for embedded systems. My expertise lies with Java, VCS, Android and concurrent programming and I prefer Linux, Android Studio, and Git environments. I am a talented, creative expert who loves tasks requiring lateral thinking. I am also a quick study who has a passion for tackling new tech. I enjoy a cooperative work atmosphere and contribute to that with my easy-going and understanding personality.

Work history

Independent Consultant
Android Developer
2016 - Present (8 years)
  • Supported an Android client app with embedded photo taking and recognition.

  • Created an Android app (from scratch) that communicated with peripheral devices via Bluetooth.

  • Helped create the app UX and design.

  • Implemented a time-synchronization protocol with a 10-millisecond precision.

  • Implemented BT communication data recovery logic.

Android Developer
2016 - 2016
  • Created an Android mobile client application for a playlist management web-service.

  • Implemented a custom design.

Android Developer
2016 - 2016

Supported an Android app that shows funny animated reminders about missed calls, events, emails, IMs, and more.

Jank Studios
Android Java Developer
2016 - 2016
  • Developed a social media app for Android.

  • Integrated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram networks into the app.

Android Java Developer
2015 - 2015
  • Added modifications to an existing open-source Android app to change its behavior.

  • Redesigned the brand for the above mentioned app.

ELEKS Software
Java Developer
2012 - 2015 (3 years)
  • Developed a web app that manages cloud computers from AWS; this involved using J2EE/Spring stack for the back-end and HTML/JavaScript/CSS for the front-end.

  • Created a mobile app for contacting people inside a company using Scala for Android.

  • Supported an Android time-tracking app using Java and SQLite.

  • Built an Android market-type app using Java and implementing Material Design.

  • Supported and tested PDF-rendering component of a web-service using Java.

  • Supported a Blackberry legacy time-tracking project using J2ME.

Java Mobile Developer | Lua Developer
2011 - 2012 (1 year)
  • Developed a smart-card emulator for Blackberry smartphones using Java ME.

  • Created a UI framework for TV applications with Lua script.

  • Built a testing framework using Lua.

  • Wrote unit tests for a framework running in an embedded system.

  • Developed the UI and business logic for a native Android app related to video processing.

  • Debugged and modified a Bouncy Castle library for working with cryptographic entities.

  • Created a video-player demo application with Lua scripting.


Software Developer
Software Developer

Magistro is a video maker and editor used to create outstanding videos in minutes. Contributed to development of the server and app. Technologies used: Android SDK

Software Developer
Software Developer

Fixed bugs on Mixer, an interactive live-streaming Android app. Worked with WebSockets, using 3rd-party library to view RTMP streams. Added functionality that required an integration with new server APIs. Changed the app's UI to implement Material Design.

Software Developer
Software Developer

Designed and developed an Android app enabling users to follow their favorite public figures on different social media networks in one place. Implemented the app applying Material Design guidelines and the latest API guides suggestions. Integrated Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram APIs in a way that allowed me to manage them uniformly. Managed background tasks and used an SQLite database.

Software Developer

Developed the Blackberry client for a smart-card emulator in order to use a mobile device as a security token.