Kevin N.

Kevin N.

Senior Software Engineer

Saint Petersburg, United States
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About Me

I am a dynamic professional with more than 16 years experience as a full stack software developer. Throughout my career, I participated in numerous complex projects including the design and development of the Open Worldcat project for the world renown company OCLC, Architecture and development on the Huntington OAO project as well as the Huntington Mobile Project and several independent J2EE/Java Point of Concept Web Applications. I specialize in Java/J2EE, web application development, Android mobile development, and am an avid learner of new and emerging technologies. As a client-focused developer, I thrive working on challenging projects with a great purpose.

Work history

Software Developer
2017 - Present (7 years)

Serve as a developer, creating innovative solutions for a diverse range of clients.

Veredus, A Hays Company
Sr. Consultant
2016 - 2017 (1 year)
  • Served as a consultant specializing in J2EE, Java, Web Development, Spring/Hibernate, Tomcat, and Full Stack Architecture and Development.

  • Completed a refactor of the iOS and Android code, for the Valpak 3D app, to allow administrators to modify the configuration dynamically.

  • Created the CDN content management system conversion by updating code to switch to the new CMS system.

  • Fixed issues with the logging functionality within the NodeJS project called HomeServices.

  • Valpak - Valpak Dot Com. This is a J2EE Web Application which serves up coupons to local, regional and national businesses. It allows users to redeem coupons on site.

Huntington National Bank
IS Technical Specialist - Mobile
2014 - 2016 (2 years)
  • Huntington Mobile App: the mobile smartphone (also iPad and Tab) app for Huntington bank customers.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Kony Studio 6.x/7.x, Kony Visualizer, SoapUI, XML, Web Services, Javascript, iPhone Touch ID API, SQL Plus, ORACLE, Jenkins, RESTful Web Services, TFS

  • Completed development of touch id for login screen and enrollment of the Huntington Banking app.

  • Development lead on Mobile Transaction Search project.

  • Completed Design documentation and implementation of the mobile transaction search.

  • Design, development and deployment of app on both Android and iPhone devices (iPhone versions 4, 5, 5s, 6, 6s and 6s plus. Android versions S2, S3, S5, Nexus Plus).

  • OAO: Huntington Bank product which allows customers to open checking, savings, money market and credit card accounts online.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, Spring, Hibernate, JSP, CSS/HTML, RubyMine, Ruby 1.9.3, Cucumber, Selenium, J2EE, Eclipse, ORACLE, TFS

  • Researched and lead the construction of the framework for the OAO application automation project by using Ruby 1.9.3 and RubyMine IDE.

  • Built 22 regression test scripts, maintained and monitored execution during phase 1 of automation architecture.

  • Built PBI (story card) specific test scripts used for regression testing and automated testing of new features.

  • Researched and solved issues with Oracle connections in current RubyMine architecture.

  • Maintenance of the OAO web application, enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Created new functionality to allow for Joint accounts to be opened simultaneously.

Sr Consultant
2013 - 2014 (1 year)
  • JP Morgan Chase. IDM Wizard Re-write. This project included conversion of Pega forms to Java based forms.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, JSP, Maven, ANT, Websphere Application Server, Struts/Tiles, Pega, J2EE, Eclipse, ORACLE

  • Completed re-write of 10 Wizards/Product Guide applications from Pega implementation to a J2EE/Spring/Struts implementation. This included configuration and maintenance of a custom built JSP tag implementation.

  • Completed numerous build scripts and SQL scripts for the weekly deployment to development and testing servers.

  • Completed IDM Wizards Split Project, which would split Wizard source code and it's J2EE, Spring & Struts configuration from the IDM core source code and it's J2EE, Spring & Struts configuration

  • Nationwide Insurance. eBI Insurance Application.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts/Titles, JSP, J2EE, Eclipse, ORACLE

  • Completed several eBI Event Story Cards which would gather metrics data from specific parts of the application. This included a call to a web service, where an XML file is sent with appropriate statistics.

  • Completed a Defect in which cross-browser issues were being introduced with a dynamically displayed list which used JavaScript.

Indecon LLC
Sr Consultant
2010 - 2013 (3 years)
  • Limited Brands. Cross Reference Store Receipt Web Application. This application allowed users to enter store receipt information via a web application form.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: J2EE, Java, Spring, Hibernate, ORACLE, Struts/Tiles, Websphere Application Sever, JBoss, MySQL

  • Completed design and implementation of all phases of the Cross Reference Store Receipt web application.

  • Created a manifest for the DB schema, hibernate mapping configuration, the creation of the java back-end using Business Objects (BO) and Data Access Objects (DAO).

  • Completed the design and implementation of the Web Application User Interface and authentication functionality by configuring the web application to authenticate through The Limited LDAP/Active Directory server.

  • Huntington Bank - ESS. This J2EE Web Application allows bankers to modify and add customer account information.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: BEA Weblogic, Java, J2EE, Spring, Maven/ANT, Websphere MQ, WESB, SoapUI, XML

  • Completed new functionality to the ESS product to allow personal bankers to setup customer banking alerts for their accounts. These alerts were made available via mobile devices.

  • Completed development of a project called Blocked Customer Perm IDs. With this project high-profile customer information was temporarily blocked from access.

  • Completed design, implementation and development of a project called NRA Re-certification. In this project documentation for NRA (Non-resident alien) customers had to be generated differently.

  • Changes were made to show pending transactions of the newly distributed MasterCard debit cards for existing customers.

  • Completed development of a project called Agiletics which included optimization of the original implementation to move MQ service calls to WESB technologies.

  • Created designated classes to convert project specific XML to WESB XML for requests via a WESB service and to convert WESB XML responses to project specific XML responses.

  • Used SoapUI development tool to execute and debug WESB/SOAP Requests. And created a SOAP handler in Weblogic Workshop to append necessary SOAP Message information

Sogeti USA(SARK)
Sr. Consultant
2006 - 2010 (4 years)
  • JP Morgan Chase - X93.7 Conversion Project. This project consisted of 3 phases of file processing to convert a flat file into one with X93.7 format.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, Javascript, ORACLE, SQL, Unix, JCL

  • JP Morgan Chase - REDC Project. This project was one of the pilot projects of Remote Electronic Deposit Capture or capturing a check and depositing it online.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, Javascript, ORACLE, SQL, Unix

  • Abercrombie & Fitch - Color Flow Needs. This application would allow internal users to determine and calculate Color/Flow/Needs inventory for selected stores.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: J2EE, Java, Servlets, Tomcat, JSP, HTML/CSS, ORACLE, SQL Plus, Kron Shell Scripting, JCL, Struts/Tiles, Spring/Hibernate, JBoss, MySQL

  • Abercrombie & Fitch - Color Flow Needs Offline Report Generator. This was an offline script which would run and calculate Color/Flow/Needs reports after hours.

  • Limited Stores - Limited Stores Portal. This site allowed login/authentication of different types of users and allowed users to customize their dashboard.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Tiles, ORACLE, SQL, Liferay, Portlet 2.0, Javascript, JFree Chart, LDAP

  • Limited Stores - COPS Application. This application allow digital entry of Work Orders.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: Java, JSP, scriptlets, Javascript, HTML, JDBC, Tivoli, SQL, ORACLE

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center)
Applications Developer
2000 - 2005 (5 years)
  • Open WorldCat. Open WorldCat is a J2EE application that connects all the worlds’ libraries to individual users. This application allowed users to search, view and books by title, ISBN number, subject matter, etc. Users can then search for libraries within a mile radius of their zip code, city, state or country.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: J2EE, Java, Servlets, Sybase, HTML, JSP, CSS, Tomcat/Websphere, Unix, JDBC

  • GEOLIB OPAC link web application. This was a simple J2EE web application which allowed data entry of Library OPAC links to be entered and stored to the Open WorldCat database tables. An offline job was launched via a JCL on the mainframe to store this new DB information from a flat text file.

  • Technologies/Skills Used: J2EE, Java, Servlets, MySQL, Unix, kron, shell scripting, JDBC


Lead Developer

iMeetEm Mobile Application It's essentially a dating app combining features of Tinder and's mobile apps. I created multiple screens, Asynctasks, views and Activities for the iMeetEm application. I also helped in creating a Java web service to connect to a MySQL database to perform CRUD operations via the app.


Valpak 3D Mobile Application It's an Augmented Reality app that allows scanning of Valpak envelopes (barcode) and plays a video in Augmented Reality. After the video has been completed the app re-directs to a website where coupons can be redeemed. Mainly, I refactored existing code to allow dynamic configuation of the main config file.

Technical Lead on Mobile Transaction Search & Developer
Technical Lead on Mobile Transaction Search & Developer

Huntington Mobile Application As a Technical Lead on Mobile Transaction Search I defined the technical requirements behind the transaction search technologies. As a Developer I completed various functions and sub-projects with the Huntington Mobile app such as Touch ID, Transaction Search and multiple UI changes as requested by the business. The Huntington Mobile App is a banking app that allows the customer to do their banking from their phone just as they would through online banking. It includes several authentication layers, username/password and passcode for secure verification. A customer can view their accounts, pay bills, make deposits and coordinate fund transfers between accounts. The customer can also find ATM and personal banking locations.


Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science
Mt Vernon Nazarene University
1995 - 2000 (5 years)