Sorin C.

Sorin C.

Senior Software Engineer

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About Me

I am a software engineer and architect with an extensive background in architectural and back-end development (Java, J2EE, .NET) across domains as diverse as healthcare, administration, and banking and in areas ranging from embedded systems to enterprise applications. I work at various levels of abstraction, from high-level architecture to detailed designs with complex coding such as multithreading and memory layout. Proficient in all steps of the software life cycle including requirements engineering, analysis/design, implementation, testing, bug fixing, and technical management. I have extensive global experience, throughout 3 countries, and have served as a remote developer on international teams. I am passionate about creating outstanding projects for clients that meet and exceed all expectations.

Work history

Software Engineer
2017 - Present (7 years)

Develop and create numerous software projects for a diverse range of clients.

Independent Consultant
Solution Architect, Developer, and Trainer
2016 - Present (8 years)
  • Architected complex solutions for interconnecting banking applications that display a unified architecture for the bank core businesses.

  • Conducted workshops on the software engineering life cycle including requirements engineering, analysis/design, advanced Java, advanced C#, and Agile methodologies.

European Commission
Independent Software Architect
2015 - 2016 (1 year)
  • Analyzed, designed, and developed the back-end of the application to enable the cooperation between business registers of European companies and the exchange of relevant information across the EU member states.

  • Designed and developed a standalone integration testing application for a complex system.

  • Served as a Scrum master and successfully increased the confidence, throughput, efficiency and team satisfaction.

Philips Healthcare
Tech Lead/Lead Engineer
2008 - 2015 (7 years)
  • Successfully led the Rendering team to design and develop the core component of Philips' leading medical visualization platform, IntelliSpace Portal.

  • Designed and developed SOA-based components for the visualization platform and transformed the business model from standalone workstations to a truly distributed platform.

  • Created two patents for zooming-in and out of medical images, earning recognition and awards for the company.

  • Analysed and fixed critical and non-critical performance issues that significantly contributed to the commercial success of Philips products.

Oracle Romania
Senior Software Engineer and Designer
2007 - 2008 (1 year)
  • Designed and developed 3-tier applications for Oracle On-Demand business, ranked #2 in the Top 50 Best Managed Outsourcing Companies. Used Java, J2EE, JSF, OC4J, Oracle AS, TopLink, Hibernate, Tomcat, PL/SQL, Adobe Flex, SOA, Oracle BPEL, and UML

  • Developed the front- and back-end of various tools that enabled clients to use Oracle Enterprise Manager.

  • Led and trained junior developers and significantly improved their contributions to numerous ongoing projects.

  • Analysed and fixed several important bugs in JDeveloper, contributing to the commercial success of this tool.

Philips Medical Systems Netherlands
Software Engineer/Designer
2003 - 2006 (3 years)
  • Designed and implemented modules for ViewForum, Philips' 3D visualization, and analysis solution.

  • Played an integral role in building Philips' platform of .NET components for medical solutions using .NET/C#, Objective-C, Rational ClearCase, DICOM, and UML.

  • Conducted numerous workshops on requirements engineering, analysis, design, and UML.

Philips Research Netherlands
Senior Technical System Designer
2002 - 2003 (1 year)

Designed and implemented the prototype of a component model, for high volume electronics, using C, C++, Linux, COM, CORBA, TriMedia, Java, Firebird RDBMS, Struts, Ant, and UML.


Software Architect/Developer, Trainer

Architecting solutions for banking products based on complex integration patterns, having as purpose a unified architecture of the solutions exposed to the bank customers Technologies used: EAI, ETL, ESB, Message Queues, SOA, Enterprise Architect Giving workshops on software engineering issues, such as requirements analysis, design, advanced Java, advanced C#.

Software Architect, Scrum Master

European Commission - The BRIS project has as purpose the interconnection of business registers - essentially databases with companies of all EU member states - through a centralized platform. The architecture is based on SOA, Java, Spring, Hibernate, Oracle DB, synchronous and asynchronous interactions, SOLR distributed search, JMS. Technologies used: J2EE, SOA, Apache CXF web services, Spring Core, Spring Data, Spring Security, Oracle WebLogic, WildFly, Oracle DB, JMS, SoapUI, Maven, Subversion, Jira, Bamboo Scrum Master for a team of 8 people

Software Architect and Team Lead
Software Architect and Team Lead

I was leading the Rendering team, which was in fact the core business. From the programming perspective, I took DICOM images from a database and showed them on the screen (as you see in the screenshots). In most cases you apply some transformations to the images, such as grey level (contrast and brightness), overlapping of images taken from the same anatomy, zoom-in and out, measurements, comparisons and very interesting volume processings with 3D movies - think of a heart beating and at the same time the user could rotate the heart and apply certain measurements. It went even deeper than that with techniques such as virtual endoscopy - this looks like a small vehicle guided through a colon.


Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Multiagent Systems, Semantic Web
Universitatea „Politehnica” din București
2007 - 2012 (5 years)
M.Sc. Software Engineering
Eindhoven University of Technology
1998 - 2000 (2 years)
M.Sc. Computer Science
Universitatea „Politehnica” din București
1997 - 1998 (1 year)
Bachelor’s Degree, Computer Science
Universitatea „Politehnica” din București
1992 - 1997 (5 years)