Dmytryi I.

Dmytryi I.

Senior Software Engineer

Szczecin, Poland
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About Me

I am an experienced front-end developer with UX/UI skills. I have worked as a contractor for the last 2 years, mostly with web applications using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery. In the past, I have had responsibilities which included: work planning, UI/UX design, coding & coordinating the work of the development team. In total, I have had over 8 years of professional experience designing and developing front-end user interfaces and experiences. I am responsible, self-organized, and I work well either solo or on teams.

Work history

Frontend Developer
2017 - Present (7 years)

Create and develop innovative front-end solutions for a wide range of businesses.

Frontend Developer
2016 - 2016
  • I was responsible for creating a responsive layout, pure CSS tabs, and pure CSS toggle switches.

  • Technologies: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Freelance Work
Contract Front-End Developer, UX/UI Designer
2013 - Present (11 years)
  • I was responsible for performing customer requirements analysis.

  • I worked on responsive front-end development.

  • I developed tools for cross-browser support.

  • I designed the UX/UI for web applications and websites.

  • I created wireframes and interactive prototyping.

  • I was responsible for performing beta-testing, optimization, and websites maintenance.

  • I led a geographically distributed online team.

  • I worked with Agile and Scrum methodologies.

  • Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Less, JavaScript, jQuery, Git

Front-End Developer / 3D Graphic Designer
2010 - 2013 (3 years)
  • I designed and developed the front-end for a corporate website.

  • I worked on the creations of both 2D and 3D graphic designs.

  • I successfully implemented beta-testing and optimization tools.

  • I was responsible for making continuous improvements to the company website.

  • Technologies: 3D Studio Max, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript

ECA Architects and Associates - Cyprus
3D Designer / Web Developer
2007 - 2010 (3 years)
  • I successfully performed web development on CMS based websites.

  • I successfully implemented website scaling.

  • I was responsible for developing architectural projects in 3D Studio Max.

  • I successfully optimized page load.

  • I implemented beta-testing.

  • Technologies: Photoshop, 3D Studio Max, HTML, CSS


Front-end Developer
Front-end Developer

I worked on this project project(Sonodome), which was about creating a mobile friendly website for an unique line of products. I was solely responsible for the delivering the responsive design, 3D content, and the development of a website based on a PHP CMS.

Front-end Developer
Front-end Developer

I worked on a personal project of mine which was finance manager web app. I developed the application to use localStorage and Google drive APIs. I am responsible for all aspects of the development including: UX/UI, design and development.

Front-end Developer
Front-end Developer

I worked on the front-end of a web mapping application for connecting user needs with resources across the world. I worked on this as a project for an Ukrainian startup. I worked on the wireframes and prototypes of the application. I was responsible for the UX process

Front-end Developer
Front-end Developer

I worked on the development of the DomEvent website. I worked on the wireframes and prototypes of the website. I was responsible for the visual design and coding the front-end functionality of the website


Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering
Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University
2000 - 2005 (5 years)