Dominik W.

Dominik W.

Senior Software Engineer

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About Me

I am an expert programmer and full stack developer who thrives on working with large-scale, modern, and innovative projects. I develop high quality software and work extensively with web applications and websites. I effectively work with SaaS software and also have in-depth experience creating successful Android and Facebook applications. I am passionate about using innovative technologies including Yii2, node.js, AngularJS, and HTML5. I am a highly flexible team player and collaborative leader who consistently strives to exceed client’s expectations.

Work history

2012 - Present (12 years)
  • Implemented numerous and comprehensive IT projects.

  • Created complex software and mobile/web applications.

Mad Coders
Senior Software Developer
2011 - Present (13 years)
  • Developed and designed innovative software for a variety of projects.

  • Created web and desktop applications. Conducted extensive testing and served as an effective quality assurance agent.

  • Created and developed numerous API interfaces with software integration. 

  • Developed numerous innovative tools in C, Ruby, Bash, and PHP.

Creativestyle Polska SP zo.o
Software Developer
2009 - Present (15 years)
  • Served as back- and front-end web application developer on medium and large applications

  • Refactored, tested, and optimised projects.

  • Active in data processing
, systems integration
, and e-commerce.

Creativestyle GmbH
Software Developer
2008 - Present (16 years)

Served as a software designer and developer on both front- and back-end.

Softline Szczecin
2007 - Present (17 years)

High-level programmer of complex web applications.



campaigns designing (banners, settings, emission time, prices, etc) live preview – how the campaign will look at real website checkout process panels for Advertisers and Publisher, with all the necessary data and functions full stats PayU payments integrated process automation (cron) extensive admin panel support for banner ads in various formats (Billboard, Footer, Skyscrapper, Brandmark popup, Multiscreening) with different cost models (CPC, CPM, Flat rate)


Nails. – portal for women, with a very rich functionality. Project has advanced backend (and powerful administrative panel), developed using Symfony Framework. One of interesting things is the forum module, created entirely by us. This complete Symfony module implements the full functionality of a forum. The module is well optimised and allows very good and easy integration with other parts of the project.


We create blogs and professional websites, based on the WordPress platform. We also develop our own blogs.


This is the one of our own projects. We have developed and gathered in one place various tools, also useful in the work of programmers. User can find here among others: Base64 encoding / decoding, encoding MD5, checking own IP number or tools like time converters. Fronted based on Twitter Bootstrap. The server-side part developed in PHP, using our own, fast MVC framework (Opti_M).