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Top UpStack NodeJS Developers

Cristian P.

Cristian is a skilled Senior Software Engineer with 6+ years of technical expertise in the development of web applications; processing billions of rows of data in Python and Java, queried big data with Apache Spark, and tackled DevOps with AWS and Jenkins. He is a security champion on projects driven by quality, performance, problem-solving, and results.

Hasan S.

I am an expert Full Stack Web Developer with 8+ years of experience in the use of JavaScript, React, jQuery, REST APIs, and JSON in development of innovative web solutions for clients. I am adept at creating applications with frontend and backend capabilities that integrate seamlessly with external services using NodeJS and ExpressJS; hosted on platforms such as Azure. I use Agile/Scrum methodologies to manage and deliver unique solutions on all projects for clients.

Milan V.

Milan is a driven and experienced Software Developer with over 10 years of industry experience in web and software application. He is technically proficient in Java, PHP, Node.js and React.JS and enjoys working on innovative projects for start-ups and agencies/consulting firms. He is a dynamic communicator and is dedicated to delivering high-level support throughout every project for clients.

Petar S.

Petar has a decade's worth of software development expertise with a high level of proficiency in the iteration of excellent web applications and Javascript libraries that gives clients a great competitive edge. He has a quick eye for the slightest error on development, offers the best website user experience possible on different devices, systems or browsers, delivering the best solutions available either as an independent contractor or as part of any dev team.

Ruslan B.

Ruslan is a seasoned Software Engineer with many years of industry expertise. He has been developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining different web-based applications for clients using various languages and platforms for over a decade. He is an avid learner, keeps abreast of the latest software trends and delivers solutions that are performant, simple and maintainable.

Raymond B.

I am a polyglot Software Architect with technical specialty in backend systems; especially data engineering. I am an avid learner, and I don't shy away from frontend challenges or new skills. I am adept at prototyping new and innovative experiences with up and coming software, hardware and growing industries curating serverless architecture, natural language chatbots, video game streaming, etc. I am hands-on with services like Twitter/Twitch/Facebook/Mixer and seamlessly refactor them into larger SaaS products for business clients.

Sergey K.

I am a highly skilled Full Stack Developer and Analyst with 15 years of in-depth expertise in Frontend/Backend technologies, best practices, design patterns, UI/UX technologies, and database technologies. I have mastery in the full mobile development life cycle and provide technical leadership for the implementation of different high-volume mobile consumer products. I have incredible performance and memory tuning skills and deliver highly-rated apps to the App Store.

Bogdan L.

Bogdan is an innovative and passionate JavaScript Developer with technical expertise in the use of Node.js, TypeScript, Nest.js, Angular, and other frameworks for both front-end and back-end solutions. He delivers clean and performant code on all client projects and employs a client-centered approach on all developments.

Athila M.

I am an expert Full Stack Software Developer with technical proficiency in Mean Stack for the delivery of high-quality solutions for clients. I am an ardent learner of new technologies; applying them to improve and enhance software products for clients. I produce frontend pages that are responsive and backend applications that are fast, scalable, bug-free, testable, and secure on all projects.

Shota J.

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with a focus on modern software development, especially for the backend. I have ample expertise in the development of innovative business and financial applications. I am familiar with the full development lifecycle of products and a passion for big projects that require heavy involvement, a comprehensive understanding of the business domain and strong planning skills.

Hire Node.js Developers with UpStack

It’s no secret that Node.js is one of the most essential technologies for digital transformation and growth in the software industry today. According to various surveys, Node.js will continue to play a key role in digital transformation in the upcoming years, especially as we transition into AI, hybrid cloud, and other next-gen technology. There are many reasons why developers love Node. If you’re thinking about hiring a Node developer or bringing this technology into your organization, here are some ways that it can help you get things done faster and more efficiently...

Build High-Performance Apps and Services With Node.js

When building software, performance is key. In fact, the performance of the software will probably determine the success or failure of the business. Node.js is one of the most high-performance programming languages. When you build with Node, you can deliver content quickly and efficiently. You can take advantage of full-stack web application development and push content to the end user with ease. If you’re looking to build high-performance apps, Node.js can definitely deliver.

Write Code More Quickly

Another trick that Node.js can help you with is to write code more quickly. Typically, software development is broken down into a few stages. You might begin with creating a design for the functionality that you want to build. After that, you’ll usually move onto creating a prototype. A prototype is essentially a mock-up of the full program. Finally, you will implement the program. While this process can work for some organizations and projects, it isn’t the most efficient way to build software. This is especially true when you’re building something that will take a long time to develop. With Node.js, you can write code quickly and move onto the next stage of the development process.

Leverage Existing JavaScript Skills

Another significant advantage of Node.js is that it leverages existing JavaScript skills. You might be a software engineer, architect, or developer who has been using JavaScript for years. If so, you can easily write code for Node.js since the two languages are very similar. This can help you to get started with Node.js quickly and easily. Moreover, it can help you to feel more comfortable in this new technology. Those who are just getting started as software engineers will also be able to use their existing JavaScript skills when working with Node.js. When you work with Node.js, you use JavaScript to write server-side code. This is significant because it means that you don’t need to learn a new language.

Handle Heavy Traffic with Ease

One of the biggest benefits of Node.js is that it helps you to easily handle heavy traffic. If you’re building an application or software that will be used by millions of people, you want to know that it can handle heavy traffic. If you want to be sure that your application can handle millions of users, you can use Node.js. This is because Node.js is built to handle a large number of concurrent connections. When you use this technology, you can be sure that your application can handle heavy traffic with ease. This can be extremely helpful for many organizations when they first launch their software. It can help to reduce stress and anxiety at a critical time.

Try Out New Technologies Easily

Another benefit of Node.js is that it helps you to try out new technologies easily. When you’re building applications, you may have certain functions where you want to use new or emerging technologies. You may want to use a certain machine learning algorithm or a new graph database. When you use Node.js, you can easily test out these new technologies. When you build your application with Node.js, you use a single codebase. This means that you can seamlessly swap out one technology for another. You can easily test out new technologies and bring them into your production application with ease.

By the Way, Did You Know?

Finally, you may have heard that Node.js is actually just a server that uses Javascript. This isn’t exactly true. While it is true that Node.js is a server that uses Javascript, it is more than just a server. It’s often referred to as a “run-time environment.” It’s an application that you can install on your computer or server. Moreover, Node.js isn’t just a single technology. It’s actually a collection of different technologies, tools, and libraries. They are designed to work together to create a robust and efficient server-side application. When you decide to use Node.js for a new project, you’ll need to decide which parts of the stack you’d like to use. This can determine how fast you can get the project done and how easily your team can finish the project.

In Summary

The Node.js framework runs Javascript code on a server. This allows you to create real-time apps, chatbots, and websites like Netflix and Uber. It’s one of the most important programming languages for developers to know. It’s an essential skill to have in your digital tool belt. If you’re thinking about hiring a Node.js developer or bringing this technology into your organization, here are some ways that it can help you get things done faster and more efficiently. Build high-performance apps and services, write code more quickly, leverage existing JavaScript skills, handle heavy traffic with ease, and try out new technologies easily.

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Hiring Node.js Developers - FAQs

  • How much does it cost to hire a node.js developer?

    UpStack has a simple billing model where each node.js developer has a standard hourly rate averaging between $65-$75 per hour. Rates are based on skills, knowledge, and experience, and our developers are available mainly for full-time engagement (40 hours per week) and the occasional part-time opportunity (20 hours per week).

  • What is the process to find a node.js developer?

    You’ll connect with an UpStack Client Success Manager to determine your immediate needs. Our team uses a combination of AI and personal assessment to short-list candidates that match your job requirements. From there, you interview, select, and onboard the perfect developer, all within days of your initial call.

  • How does UpStack find its node.js developers?

    UpStack’s talent recruitment team connects with software developers around the globe every day. Each node.js programmer is vetted for technical, communication, and other soft skills necessary for a developer to successfully work with your team. Once vetted, the candidates are accepted into the UpStack developer community.

  • How is UpStack different from an agency or recruiter?

    UpStack's community of available, pre-vetted engineering talent means minimizing roadblocks to scaling your team effectively, efficiently, and immediately. Our Client Success Experts work with you and your UpStack developer to ensure a smooth and seamless engagement.

  • Can I hire UpStack node.js developers directly?

    Yes, you can hire UpStack node.js developers at any time, and with the same assurance of smoothly on boarding talent risk-free. First, we’d create a job opening on our portal. Then, we’d vet, interview, and match developers that meet your needs. If you’re satisfied at the end of the 14-day trial period, at any time you can directly hire them.

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