Felipe E.

Felipe E.

Senior Software Engineer

Cordoba, Argentina
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About Me

Felipe has worked as a software developer for the last ten years using Python and Django as his primary tools, though he has used them for much longer. He also has experience with many popular JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, React, Ember, and Backbone.js, using them in most of his projects. Felipe is a team player and has good communication skills.

Work history

We Tribute Inc.
Lead Full-stack Developer
2020 - 2022 (2 years)
  • Led the team which built a new feature called Tribute Greetings, which allowed users to send greeting cards, messages, and optionally gift cards to loved ones using Vue.js front end and Django back end.

  • Tracked and fixed concurrency bugs in the video editor.

  • Refactored the rendering queue while improving the app's code documentation and test coverage.

Full-stack Developer
2016 - 2020 (4 years)
  • Built most of the new back-end platform for supporting the company's single-page application (SPA) and multiple internal tools which relied on it. Worked in different parts of the React SPA.

  • Improved the payment and ordering system integration with third-party services (such as Stripe, Paypal, and Affirm).

  • Increased test coverage to cover most of the extensive legacy codebase and included it as a regular good practice for new features.

  • Developed multiple integrations with external services, including Mailchimp, Zoho Creator, and Jira.

React JavaScriptMySQLDjangoPythonRESTDjango REST FrameworkUbuntuCSS3ScrumCSSBootstrapGitjQueryJIRAHTMLVim Text Editor JSON Web Tokens (JWT) LinuxAmazon Web Services (AWS) REST APIs Agile Sprints APIs
Full-stack Developer
2013 - 2016 (3 years)
  • Created a complex web application tailored for managing the unique processes of content strategy, editorial planning, and creative production using the scrum and agile development methodology.

  • Supported a complex production planning web application using the scrum and agile methodology. The system covered the process from when a piece was received and moved through processing stations to the shipment of parts to the customer.

  • Developed a web application to organize, gather and edit videos helping people create tributes.

Software Developer Internship
2011 - 2012 (1 year)
  • Investigated C++ digital signature libraries for a follow-up implementation.

  • Developed an application for securing ISM files using Apache XML Security for C++ (XSEC) library to create digital signatures.

  • Implemented a download service using MSG Connect: building a COM server—a Windows service—and testing MSG Connect capabilities as an IPC.

C++CGitHTMLVim Text Editor



DivvyHQ is a content planning and production workflow tool for high-volume content teams.DivvyHQ is the marketing industry's first spreadsheet-free editorial calendar application. It was built to help marketers and content producers stay organized and successfully execute demanding and complicated content marketing and social media marketing initiatives. Within one simple application, users can capture content ideas, assign and schedule content projects, manage content teams, produce content, and stay on top of production deadlines.Divvy's unique functionality combined web-based calendars, content management, and online collaboration, which helped global content teams plan, schedule, and produce any type of content across an organization.


Tribute was a web application for creating video montages that resemble a "eulogy of for the living."Its functionalities included Inviting friends, collecting videos, editing and compiling those videos into one to create a Tribute and share it with recipients and friends.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba
2006 - 2010 (4 years)