Israel I.

Israel I.

Senior Software Engineer

Madrid, Spain
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About Me

Israel is an accomplished software engineer with over 20 years of experience, with a current focus on Unity design and development. He began his career as a full-stack developer and transitioned to game development, where he has worked extensively in various gaming domains, including mobile, desktop, multiplayer, VR, and AR. Israel possesses a wealth of knowledge in designing SOLID software systems.

Work history

Lead Mobile Engineer
2022 - 2023 (1 year)
  • Refactored, cleaned up, and modernized the old app codebase.

  • Increased the app's stability and speed by using proper object-oriented techniques and improving the usage of the Unity Editor.

  • Added advanced features such as importing model meshes directly from Sketchfab.

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Senior Unity Engineer
2017 - 2019 (2 years)
  • Designed and developed SynCity using Unity and C# from the ground up to its minimum viable product stage.

  • Spearheaded the process of assembling a proficient team of developers and artists to undertake the project.

  • Implemented structured processes and workflows for the team.

  • Effectively steered the development process to ensure alignment with stakeholder requirements.

  • Developed Python tools that establish connectivity with the Unity site and feed relevant data to the neural networks during training and validation processes.

  • Collaborated closely with artists and designers to enhance the Unity workflow and optimize the creation of models and environments that met clients' needs.

  • Incorporated my Unity expertise to create tailor-made components that emulate real-world sensors such as IR cameras, radar, and Lidar, commonly utilized by autonomous vehicles.

Senior Game Engineer
2014 - 2015 (1 year)
  • Optimized and adapted the most successful titles worldwide to the Chinese market using Unity3D, Unreal Engine, and C++ in-house engines.

  • Produced the first games self-developed by the company using Unity3D and Jira for project management.

  • Helped the local game designers with game designing techniques used in the west.

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Founder | Freelancer
2012 - Present (12 years)
  • Created and launched mobile games on the App Store from scratch. Oversaw the development of the back end and built multiplayer and multi-platform games for desktop, iOS, Android, and WebGL, utilizing Unity and C#.

  • Designed UVLC, a Unity Android native store plugin that utilizes C++ and C# to enable video playback based on libVLC.

  • Developed and designed a SteamVR UI plugin that seamlessly integrates SteamVR controls with Unity's UI system.

  • Conceptualized a user-friendly threading Unity plugin that simplifies the implementation of background threads and concurrency, allowing other Unity developers to bring execution back to Unity's main thread seamlessly.

  • Built and designed an augmented reality checkers game, which is multiplatform, including desktop, iOS, and Android, and includes animated game pieces that appear alive and rendered over real-world surroundings.

  • Constructed and published a multiplayer WebGL game on Facebook inspired by the classic Pictionary game. The game allows one player to draw a given item in real-time while the others make their guesses.

  • Generated a casual VR game utilizing Unity and C#, where players are tasked with finding a hidden cow solely by tracking its mooing sound. This project leveraged innovative technology that enabled precise location tracking of the moo sound source.

  • Utilized Unity C# and Photon and successfully published a multiplayer edition of the classic game "Asteroids."

  • Outlined and developed a proof of concept for a mobile street fighter game that incorporates the player's finger gestures, replacing traditional virtual joysticks and buttons.

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Nvia Gestion de datos SL
Project Manager
2006 - 2013 (7 years)
  • Developed multiplayer and multiplatform games using Objective-C, HTML5, cocos2d, Box2D, Unity3D, and SmartFoxServer, leading a four-member development team.

  • Created mobile applications for iOS with Cocoa and Windows Phone with .NET.

  • Developed web solutions—front and back end—using .NET and PHP, including hands-on experience with SOAP, JSON, JavaScript, CSS, XML, MySQL server, and Microsoft SQL Server.

  • Produced a 3D chroma-key and fill-key engine used in TV virtual scenarios with XNA, Direct3D, and High-Level Shading Language (HLSL).

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Kilowatt SA
Firmware Developer
2000 - 2004 (4 years)
  • Handled the installation and customization of early smart vending machines.

  • Developed and implemented software solutions and configured hardware components to ensure seamless communication between the machines and the client's headquarters.

  • Created and optimized communication protocols utilizing SMS, GPRS, and 3G technologies for machines located in remote areas.

Panel Sistemas/Movistar
Systems Analyst
Present (2024 years)
  • Maintained the prepaid telephony control application using C, Pro*C, and Oracle.

  • Worked as a part of a big team inside a huge corporation.

  • Documented the code and databases used and provided training and mentoring to junior developers when joining the team.

CC++OraclePro*C Object-oriented Programming (OOP)


AR Metaverse Mobile App

A Unity-based app using Mapbox's Unity plugin that allows the user to see SuperWorld's metaverse in AR, place objects in the AR space, and pin virtual objects to real-world locations other users can find. Users can also record videos, mix the real and virtual worlds, share those videos, like and comment on other user's videos, and be part of a social network that combines the natural world and metaverse.

Architectural Analysis and High-quality Render Generation

A Unity-based tool that takes a Revit project as input, analyzes them, and gives tools to the user to define the rooms, furniture, and possible personalization. The tool then allows the client to generate high-quality renders using either V-Ray or Arnold and export virtual visits to the house reproducible on the web using Three.js.

Tool to Analyze The Sun Incidence on a Roof

A Three.js web tool that calculates the yearly heatmap of how the sun hits the roof of a house, taking into account the roof geo position, including latitude and longitude, orientation, inclination, and possible blockers like trees or other buildings. Visualization is generated using Mapbox's Three.js WebGL layers.

Android AR Software Engineer

The company uses an augmented reality SDK to integrate AR ads and experiences into other native apps. The SDK needed to be as small and performant as possible to avoid interfering with the performance of the hosting app.

Disabilities and Diseases Experiences in VR

In this app, the user can experience how a person with different disabilities feels on a daily basis, helping the user empathize with the other person and understand them. Implemented in Unity3D, the app required to dynamically load a wide range of experiences that were very different from each other.


A tool for generating photorealistic environments that will feed neural networks to train and validate them. I developed the tool using Unity with C# and many shaders to achieve photorealism and simulate various sensors—bridged using ICE to Python processes that make the actual training or validation. Another challenge was managing many models, which I solved using asset bundles, keeping them synchronized with an SQLite database. Check out more videos with the links below:• MVP:• Drone and lidar:• Car and lidar:• Drone and sensors:• Thermal:• Far and near infrared:• Sensors:

Fierro a Fondo

An in-race telemetry app developed in React Native to analyze driving performance with real-time telemetry and publish live timing. It also includes a website developed in React to see relevant graphs and analyze the driver's performance.

TNA VR (Adult Site)

I developed a VR video player for the adult video website, TNAFlix. It allows watching 2D videos from their current catalog in a nice environment simulating a strip club. It also supports 180 and 360-degree experiences. It uses Unity and a custom libVLC plugin to play the videos.

Toptal React Academy

The Toptal React Academy is an exclusive learning program that teaches the React framework to select members of the Toptal network. After a month of study, all graduates are tasked with completing a 30-40 hour final project to build and deliver a React app from scratch.

Toptal React Native Academy

The Toptal React Native Academy is an exclusive learning program that teaches the React Native framework to select members of the Toptal network. After a month of study, all graduates are tasked with completing a 30-40 hour final project to build and deliver a React Native app from scratch.

Vantage TV - Coachella Experience

Developed a live video streaming solution to allow the Coachella festival to be streamed to VIP assistants backstage. It uses Unity, libVLC, and FFmpeg to stream video and high-quality audio to the user's device.

Unity UVLC

Unity native plugin developed in C#, C++, Java, and Objective-C. Integrates all VLC features inside Unity, allowing the playback of almost any video format inside Unity. It's being used in many applications, especially VR and AR systems.

Easy Threading

A Unity store plugin that adds tasks support, a .NET feature that Unity didn't support until recently. It facilitates other developers with background threads and gives the ability to easily redirect the execution flow back to Unity's main thread. Publishing a Unity plugin also requires supporting the developers to use it and listen to their feedback and bug reports. The plugin has great feedback on the Unity store and has been in the top 10 in the scripting category for many months.

Checkers AR

Proof of concept featuring the classic board game in augmented reality. Developed using Unity and Vuforia, rigged models animated using Mecanim.

Find the Invisible Cow

Casual VR game, the player must find a hidden cow just by listening to its mooing that needs the ability to precisely locate sounds in the 3D virtual space. It required tweaking Unity to exactly find sound sources in the 3D environment.

SteamVR-Unity UI Integration

Unity store plugin that integrates SteamVR inside Unity's UI system. It allows the developer to create UI inside Unity when developing a virtual reality application using the same tools he would use to create a non-VR application.

Personalized Bags Web and Mobile Apps

Developed mobile and web applications allowing clients to design and order personalized bags. The apps provide tools to customize materials, colors, and texts and even upload pictures to print them on the final bag. The app required many dynamically loaded assets stored as asset bundles and combined in the app with specific rules.

Just Draw It!

Facebook social game developed in Unity, based on Pictionary. The drawing is published and shown in real-time to the players using Photon so the players can guess the word in their language. The back end is developed using ASP.NET and MySQL, which handles the localization between languages. Guesses are also shared in real-time to give the impression to the players of being played in the same room. Also, I implemented an anti-cheating system (in case the player actually writes the answer). If more than 50% of the guessing players report cheating, the round is void.

Space Courier

Unity game proof of concept based on the board game RoboRally. It's a mobile game heavily based on user interface interaction. It was developed using NGUI, a unity plugin that is the precursor of the current official Unity UI.


Asteroids clone with multiplayer features. Developed in Unity, multiplayer synchronization is achieved using Photon. High scores are saved in a PHP backed with a Mongo database. It can be deployed as a mobile app or as a web-based game.

Space Race

Lunar Lander clone game. Developed natively for iOS using Objective-C, physics using box2. It also integrates advertising services and in-app purchases.


Experiment to see how a mobile street fighter game would feel using finger gestures instead of virtual joysticks to control the characters.

A 3D Eye

A computer vision tool for analyzing any sport played on a known field, developed in Python using It guesses the player's and ball's positions—to allow the analysis of each player's performance—predicts game outcomes, and analyzes the referee's decisions. The outcome is shown using a Unity solution to record and post videos on the web and social media. View examples on

Paint the World

A small location-based game or website developed in React using Mapbox. It tracks the user's location and allows him to paint the world—divided into tiles—in different colors. It uses Firebase as a database and authentication back end.


Master's Degree in Computer engineering
Polytechnic University of Madrid
1997 - 2004 (7 years)