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Top Matlab Developers with UpStack

Javier O.

Javier is an experienced Software Engineer with strong technical competencies in Python and PHP; producing and implementing functional software, web and API solutions through a fast-paced, highly engaged and collaborative work ethic that takes advantage of the latest technologies for the implementation and deployment of clean readable code - supporting and streamlining best practices on projects for clients.

Steven B.

Steven is a qualified Data Scientist and Data Engineer who develops and deploys full analysis pipelines for Machine Learning and data mining projects on large datasets. He has hands-on experience translating models into business insights and applying data knowledge to real-world business problems. Steven uses various technology stacks to deliver solutions to complex projects using a practical focus and collaborating in cross-functional teams.

Gorune O.

Gorune is a versatile Senior Software Engineer with years of practical expertise in the provision of high-quality solutions; stemming from a keen interest to see real-world application of Mathematics and Computer Science in the development of different frontend solutions, optimization of applications in machine learning, and implementation of tools to solve Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equations on GPU using CUDA.

Dhyey S.

Dedicated Data Engineer with proven proficiency in Java 8 and Python, as well as expertise in NumPy, SciPy, Scikit-Learn, Pandas, Matplotlib, Jinja2, Selenium. Versed in programming, data computing, research design, and data analysis, implementing action-oriented solutions to business problems. Experienced with Big Data Modelling, Computer Vision, Integration, and Analysis, including the Hadoop ecosystem and Spark. Dealt successfully with high-impact situations at Amazon and worked extensively with various AWS products such as Amplify, Sagemaker, DynamoDB, S3, EMR, Data Pipeline, Lex, Lambda. Extremely engaged in Artificial Intelligence, with a significant portion of university and work projects being in this area.

Javier S.

Javier is a passionate data scientist who builds data-driven software products and helps organizations transform numbers into optimal decisions. With a multidisciplinary background, he has analyzed highly dimensional datasets and built machine learning models—starting from the research stage to the implementation phase. Javier is careful, very organized, meticulous about planning always focusing on delivering the right solution.

Alexandre T.

I am a Senior Web Developer with 10+ years of industry expertise; creating several applications using the latest tools, frameworks and technologies. I produce solutions for high traffic websites; focusing on design patterns, modular code development and functional programming - providing architectural expertise for different production solutions. I offer high-quality web applications with minimized technical debts; maintaining SEO best practices and finding simple ways to solve complex problems.

Umit S.

Umit is an experienced back-end software developer with knowledge of the defense industry. He's worked the entire development lifecycle, including design, development, testing, deployment, documentation, and maintenance. Umit shines in his ability to automate systems with defensive programming techniques and thorough coding practices resulting in highly available, very secure, and safe systems.

Ionascu C.

I am an expert Java Developer with proven skills in Java, Spring, AWS, and MATLAB programming; building scalable, predictable, high-quality and high-performing web solutions. I write clean code on projects and excellent code quality on solutions by interpreting end-user business requirements into technical design specifications on custom solutions and implementing standards, processes and procedures.

Tim P.

Tim is a proficient full-stack developer with 5 years of software development experience, academic and industry, currently focusing on Python. He wrote his Master's thesis for the M.Sc. Robotics, Cognition & Intelligence program at TU Munich on molecular dynamics simulations and AI in bioinformatics. Tim is passionate about solving problems with technology and has previously worked in Germany and the United States. Furthermore, he has gained experience as a remote developer in Boston as part of a real-time image analysis research division at Texas Instruments.

Ali T.

Ali is a Senior Data Scientist/Data Engineer with a passion for mathematical modeling and hands-on experience working on innovative and creative projects at leading MNCs. With exceptional problem-solving skills, he excels in evaluating and monitoring performance and real impact and solving complex problems. Ali designs from scratch or overhauls existing microservice architectures and builds data and ML pipelines, demonstrating an ability to not only analyze data but present it in a clear and succinct way.

Hire Matlab Developers with UpStack

Are you looking to hire a MATLAB developer for your project? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Hiring a MATLAB developer is no small task, as it requires knowledge and experience in the programming language. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of finding and hiring the right MATLAB developer for your project. By the end of this guide, you will have the information and resources necessary to confidently choose a developer who can meet your requirements and help you achieve your desired outcomes. We will discuss the skills and qualifications to look for in a MATLAB developer, the different types of developers available, and the hiring process. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to find and hire the perfect MATLAB developer for your project.

What is MATLAB and its uses

MATLAB is a high-end programming language that is used across many industries, including science, engineering, and finance. MATLAB allows its users to create algorithms, perform data analysis, and visualize data to better understand results and make informed decisions. MATLAB’s uses make it an extremely powerful programming language that can be applied to many industries and use cases. Some industries and uses for MATLAB include: Data science: Data scientists often use programming languages to help them with their work, including data cleaning and analysis. MATLAB is extremely well-suited for these tasks, as it allows data scientists to write code that can be visualized and used to create reports and dashboards. Engineering: Engineers use computer-aided design (CAD) programs to create models of products and visualizations of designs. MATLAB can be used to create 3D models and visualizations that combine CAD data with other data to create a clearer view of models. Finance: Financial analysts often rely on visualizations and data analysis to better understand their data and make informed decisions. MATLAB can be used to create visualizations and graphs that help users better understand their data.

Skills and qualifications to look for in a MATLAB developer

Before you start looking for candidates to hire, it’s important to understand the skills and qualifications you should be looking for in a potential MATLAB developer. While each project and company is different, there are certain skills and qualifications you should look for in every developer you hire to ensure they can successfully complete projects and meet your expectations. Here are some skills and qualifications you should look for in a MATLAB developer: Strong programming skills: The most important thing to consider when hiring a MATLAB developer is the quality of their code. A developer who can write high-quality code in MATLAB will be able to help you meet your desired outcomes and complete your project successfully. Experience with MATLAB: An experienced MATLAB developer will be able to hit the ground running with your project and contribute to your team effectively. An experienced developer will be familiar with the programming language and be able to build your project as quickly as possible. Strong communication skills: Communication is key in any project and especially important in software development. A MATLAB developer with strong communication skills can help your team stay on track and meet project goals.

Different types of MATLAB programmers

As you’ve seen, there are many types of MATLAB developers. The type of developer you hire will depend on the project and the developer’s skill set. Here are the different types of MATLAB developers and what they specialize in: Entry-level programmers: Entry-level MATLAB programmers are typically recent graduates who are new to programming. While they may be experienced in MATLAB, they may not have worked with large-scale projects or have any experience with creating algorithms. Mid-level programmers: Mid-level MATLAB developers have typically worked in the industry for a few years and have gained experience in a variety of projects and with a variety of programming languages. Senior programmers: Senior MATLAB programmers have extensive experience with the programming language, having worked on many projects and solved complex problems. They are generally leaders in the field and are able to manage and advise other developers.

Developing a job description

Before you start looking for candidates to hire, you’ll want to develop a job description that outlines the requirements for the position and makes it clear to candidates what their responsibilities will be if they get the job. A job description will help you find candidates who are the best fit for the job based on their experience and qualifications. When creating your job description, make sure to include the following: Job title: What is the job title for the position? Make sure this reflects the job accurately and concisely. Job summary: What does the job entail? What will the person in this position do on a daily basis? What are some major responsibilities that come with the position? Qualifications: What are the required qualifications and experience needed to do well in the job?

How to vet and evaluate MATLAB developers

As you begin to receive applications, you’ll want to vet and evaluate each candidate to determine who is the best fit for the job. When vetting and evaluating candidates, follow these tips: Check candidates’ references: References are a great way to get more information about a candidate’s skill set and experience. References can provide information about candidates’ skill sets and how they handle projects in general. Assign a project: Give candidates a project to complete and see how they work. A project will give you a more accurate picture of how successful candidates will be on your team and with your project. Assess candidates’ portfolios: Portfolios are a great way for candidates to show off their skills and past work. Take some time to review portfolios and see what types of projects candidates have worked on in the past.

Tips for successful hiring

Before you hire a candidate, make sure you have the following in place: Contract and expectations: Make sure the candidate has a signed contract outlining the work they will be doing and the expectations of both you and the candidate. This will help prevent any issues and misunderstandings in the future. Start small: If this is the first time you’ve hired a MATLAB developer, start with a small project and evaluate how the developer works on your team. This gives you an opportunity to see if the developer is a good fit and if they can successfully complete a project.

Common mistakes to avoid

With so many things to keep in mind while hiring, it’s easy to make a mistake or two while hiring a MATLAB developer. To avoid these mistakes, follow these tips: Don’t make assumptions: Don’t assume that all candidates with experience in MATLAB are qualified for the position. Make sure you vet and evaluate each candidate before bringing them on. Don’t be afraid to say no: It’s important to say no to candidates who aren’t a good fit for the position and your team. Don’t be afraid to turn candidates down for any reason; you have to do what’s best for your team.

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Hiring Matlab Developers | FAQs

  • How much does it cost to hire a Matlab developer?

    UpStack has a simple billing model where each Matlab developer has a standard hourly rate averaging between $65-$75 per hour. Rates are based on skills, knowledge, and experience, and our developers are available mainly for full-time engagement (40 hours per week) and the occasional part-time opportunity (20 hours per week).

  • What is the process to find a Matlab developer?

    You'll connect with an UpStack Client Success Manager to determine your immediate needs. Our team uses a combination of AI and personal assessment to short-list candidates that match your job requirements. From there, you interview, select, and onboard the perfect developer, all within days of your initial call.

  • How does UpStack find its Matlab developers?

    UpStack's talent recruitment team connects with software developers around the globe every day. Each Matlab programmer is vetted for technical, communication, and other soft skills necessary for a developer to successfully work with your team. Once vetted, the candidates are accepted into the UpStack developer community.

  • How is UpStack different from an agency or recruiter?

    UpStack's community of available, pre-vetted engineering talent means minimizing roadblocks to scaling your team effectively, efficiently, and immediately. Our Client Success Experts work with you and your UpStack developer to ensure a smooth and seamless engagement.

  • Can I hire UpStack Matlab developers directly?

    Yes, you can hire UpStack Matlab developers at any time, and with the same assurance of smoothly on boarding talent risk-free. First, we'd create a job opening on our portal. Then, we'd vet, interview, and match developers that meet your needs. If you're satisfied at the end of the 14-day trial period, at any time you can directly hire them.