Subash D.

Subash D.

Senior UI/UX Engineer

Kathmandu, Nepal
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About Me

Subash designs clean and intriguing interfaces for web and mobile and codes them with perfect responsiveness. He's worked with startups like 'Geteco, eTherapi, Listbingo, and NTTY, helping them with design tasks like interfaces for web, mobile, and print as well as front-end feature development. He also co-owns a web design agency where he works closely with designers and developers, serving startups and online marketing companies.

Work history

Arivale (Via Toptal)
UX Developer
2015 - 2016 (1 year)
  • Designed mockups for the 'How it works' page using Photoshop. Also coded the HTML/CSS for the same.

  • Created an institutional site using WordPress as a CMS.

  • Implemented Grunt.js for automated tasks.

  • Used Bootstrap as the main framework.

  • Created an interactive animated page with MagicScroller. This task was very tricky since all the animated concept and characters were to be copied from the existing marketing video.

  • Coded a Sketch PDF using React.js to make edits through the browser.

eTherapi, Inc.
UI/UX Designer
2014 - 2015 (1 year)
  • Designed a responsive corporate product website and application.

  • Built wireframes and prototypes for UI design.

  • Collaborated with remote front-end and development teams.

  • Impressed the head office so much that they had me open a new development branch in Kathmandu.

Eco Consumer Services
UI/UX Designer
2012 - 2014 (2 years)
  • Designed both of the company's mobile apps.

  • Worked remotely from overseas.

  • Provided style guides and design resources to help with app development.

  • Designed interfaces for the complete web application and coded it responsively.

  • Designed the product marketing website and marketing/print materials for product promotions.

Braindigit, Pvt., Ltd.
Web Designer/CSS Developer
2010 - 2012 (2 years)
  • Redesigned the Joomla-classified extension website for "Gobingoo," an effort that became the first site in Nepal to get featured in CSSMania.

  • Designed and coded responsive interfaces for several ListBingo extnesions.

  • Designed a UI for both iOS and Android mobile applications (first in the company to go cross-platform).

  • Won Employee of the Month and Most Creative Employee twice each.

CSS Developer
2009 - 2010 (1 year)
  • Headed the development team.

  • Ensured that all projects were cross-browser and device compatible.

  • Provided timeline estimates for project completion.

F1 Soft International, Pvt., Ltd.
Senior Web Designer
2008 - 2009 (1 year)
  • Worked on the complete re-designing of the very popular newspaper "The Himalayan Times." It was the first responsive online newspaper of Nepal.

  • Designed and coded responsive application back-ends for major banks. It was a pretty challenging job to code them responsive back then, since there weren't any helpful responsive frameworks available. But the job success led to many other bank software jobs for the company.

Serving Minds, Pvt., Ltd.
Senior Web Designer
2008 - 2009 (1 year)
  • Designed a bespoke website for various types of businesses. It was a pretty challenging job to finish designing at least 3 custom designs for different businesses and code them too.

  • Coded PSD directly to HTML/CSS, a process that was pretty innovative back in the day where table-based design still held sway.

Gold Coast Tourism (; Via Toptal)
Front-end Developer
Present (2023 years)
  • Designed a custom map for 'holiday deals' on Photoshop. The client wanted something like and didn't have the illustrations handy to start the project. It was quite challenging to start but client was pretty happy with the end result.

  • Converted the map design to HTML using Bootstrap and added interactions through jQuery.

  • Designed the holiday deals page and converted to HTML.

  • Designed the pop-up modal for offers and converted it to HTML.

Honorable App (Via Toptal)
Front-end Developer
Present (2023 years)
  • Coded the PSD designs responsively using Bootstrap.

  • Implemented the JavaScript for slideshow and charts.

  • Designed a few screens for mobile app based on the web app using Photoshop.

  • Used InVision to create prototypes of the designs.

  • Used Bitbucket for controlling the versions.


Tellus Design

For this job, we didn't do any wireframes as such, but the client knew what he wanted. We were able to communicate our ideas well and the site ended up looking pretty beautiful and usable. The design process client had some specific concerns about SEO, so I designed each web page thinking of things that could help with better search engine rankings. Once the designs were done, I coded the pages responsively using Bootstrap and my developer converted it clean to WordPress. The client was pretty impressed with the site and he's now one of my long-term clients.

eTherapi Overall Design

eTherapi came to me for help with their application's UI design. After a few screens test designs, I joined the company full-time as a UI/UX guy. I designed their complete web application, their product website, and other marketing materials. The company’s front-end and development was based in Vietnam, but the the head-office team were really impressed with my work design and front-end skill, so they had me on board to open a new development branch in Kathmandu.

Geteco Product Website

I worked full-time at Eco. We first began the product website through wireframing. I worked along with our CEO to produce wireframes making sure we had addressed our UX and clientele concerns. Once the wireframes were finalized, each page was designed using Photoshop and later coded responsively using Bootstrap framework.

Hotel Rehabs Website Design

This site was done for my regular client; we didn't have many specs from the client initially. So, I had to research competitor websites and develop an idea and design the pages. Once the normal placeholders were ready, it got easy for the client to understand how he needed his copy done for the website. Each page is bespoke and really unique, I coded them responsively and have used a lot of jQuery plugins. Later, my developer converted it to WordPress.


Bachelor's Degree in Business Studies
Tribhuwan University
2005 - 2009 (4 years)