Arturo D.

Arturo D.

Senior Software Engineer

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico
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About Me

Arturo is a seasoned full-stack web developer with experience using Node.js, React, Python, SQL, No-SQL databases, and cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Azure. Arturo is always eager to learn new technologies and work on challenging projects.

Work history

Senior Software Engineer
2021 - 2022 (1 year)
  • Created a synchronized music sharing experience for coworking using YouTube.

  • Used Webflow to create a new landing page from Figma designs.

  • Created a guest web video calling feature that allowed web users to join calls with macOS users.

  • Designed a new onboarding flow that allowed users to do an initial setup for their accounts.

Node.jsTypescriptReact FirebaseCloud Firestore AgoraFirebase Cloud Functions Google Cloud StorageSlack APIAPI IntegrationGoogle Cloud Platform (GCP) Testing Component Libraries Agile UI Development Design SystemsRESTful Web Services
Senior Software Engineer
2020 - 2022 (2 years)
  • Implemented Stripe for payments and to allow users to cash out.

  • Refactored the user profile settings window using Figma designs.

  • Implemented an in-app currency that allows users to pay for content.

JavaScriptNode.jsStripeStripe API React Component Libraries UI Development RESTful Web Services
Full-stack Engineer
2018 - 2021 (3 years)
  • Created a React-powered analytics tool using SVG components.

  • Designed and developed a survey system to collect data for further processing and reporting.

  • Developed a reporting tool for creating PPT and XLS based on the collected data.

  • Worked on a tool for creating presentations that function in both online and offline modes.

  • Created and maintained database migrations to guarantee database structure and data consistency.

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Software Engineer
2018 - 2020 (2 years)
  • Created a third-party processor API that allows receiving and sending money in many countries.

  • Built a dashboard for managing money in and money out transactions.

  • Made a worker that helps with KYC document processing.

  • Created a worker for processing transaction updates.

  • Developed a web app that allows users to checkout and send money into their accounts.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) React Node.jsPythonSoftware EngineeringDjangoSQLMySQLBack-end Full-stack ScrumAgile software developmentFlaskPython 3 Amazon S3 (AWS S3) Object-oriented Programming (OOP) JSON Web Tokens (JWT) HTMLAPIsStorybookJSONMicroservicesTesting Agile Design SystemsRESTful Web Services
Software Engineer
2017 - 2018 (1 year)
  • Created a site performance insights tool using Node.js and React.

  • Developed an Amazon Alexa/Google assistant bot using Node.js and Redis.

  • Developed a Facebook messenger bot using Node.js and Redis.

  • Worked on an internal tool for QA using Node.js and React.

  • Refactored an SEO measuring tool using Node.js and React.

Google Assistant Bots Facebook Amazon Alexa React Node.jsSoftware EngineeringFront-end SQLBack-end Full-stack React Redux Object-oriented Programming (OOP) HTMLAgile RESTful Web Services
Software Engineer
2016 - 2017 (1 year)
  • Worked on new features for a restaurant reservation app using Node.js and Handlebars.

  • Fixed bugs on previously developed features.

  • Created a simplified restaurant booking experience.

  • Improved app performance by removing unnecessary code and API calls.

  • Helped create an automated testing framework.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) HandlebarsCSSHTML5Express.js Node.jsJavaScriptFull-stack Responsive UI Object-oriented Programming (OOP) HTMLAgile UI Development RESTful Web Services
Software Engineer
2015 - 2016 (1 year)
  • Worked on the back-end and front-end of a pool monitoring app using Node.js, AngularJS, Postgres, and Redis.

  • Created an automated test setup.

  • Developed a pool tech service network app using Node.js, AngularJS, and Postgres.

  • Worked on a landing page for a pool monitoring app.

  • Created a reporting tool using D3.js.

PostgreSQLJavaScriptAngularJS Node.jsSQLBack-end Full-stack Responsive UI HerokuAngularObject-oriented Programming (OOP) JSON Web Tokens (JWT) HTMLUI Development RESTful Web Services
Web Developer
2012 - 2015 (3 years)
  • Developed software for housing loan control using Java, MySQL, and jQuery.

  • Developed software to keep track of citizen requests to get permits for certain regulated land uses using PHP, Laravel, jQuery, and MySQL.

  • Developed an internal tool for ticket control using PHP, Laravel, AngularJS, Bootstrap, and MySQL.

  • Provisioned and deployed applications.

  • Provided software support.

BootstrapJavaAngularJS jQueryLaravel PHPSQLMySQLBack-end Full-stack PHP 5 AngularHTMLUI Development
Web Developer
2010 - 2015 (5 years)
  • Developed a website using PHP, jQuery, and MySQL.

  • Developed the POS for a small business using PHP, Laravel, Angular.js, MySQL.

  • Provided customer support.

  • Developed the BOLD Systems Canada mirror for Mexico.

  • Provisioned and deployed applications.

MongoDBBootstrapAngularJS Flight jQueryLaravel PHPSQLMySQLBack-end Full-stack PHP 5 PayPal APIDigitalOcean HTMLUI Development
Doober, Inc.
Full-stack Engineer
Present (2024 years)
  • Created a marketplace where users can offer their products and receive offers.

  • Set up the production environment.

  • Deployed applications.

  • Reimplemented the payments platform.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) DockerReact Node.jsSoftware EngineeringFront-end SQLBack-end Full-stack Responsive UI React Redux Google Maps API Amazon S3 (AWS S3) Facebook APIDevOpsObject-oriented Programming (OOP) JSON Web Tokens (JWT) lodashHTMLAPIsJSONUI Development RESTful Web Services
Freelance Front-end Developer
Present (2024 years)
  • Developed new features.

  • Reorganized project structure to a more maintainable one.

  • Upgraded React router 1 to 4.

  • Converted Zeplin designs into code.

SCSSJavaScriptECMAScript (ES6) CSS3HTML5ReduxReact React Redux Object-oriented Programming (OOP) HTMLUI Development RESTful Web Services
Software Engineer
Present (2024 years)
  • Developed a SaaS eCommerce solution using Node.js, Angular.js, SQL Server, MongoDB, and Redis.

  • Worked on database design.

  • Provisioned and deployed applications.

  • Created a personalized eCommerce solution using Python.

  • Fixed and refactored broken modules.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) MongoDBRedisMicrosoft SQL Server PythonAngularJS Node.jsSQLBack-end Full-stack Responsive UI Python 3 SaaSAngularObject-oriented Programming (OOP) JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Atom VagrantNginxFoundation CSS HTMLUI Development RESTful Web Services



A smart pool monitoring app.


A restaurant reservation and discovery app.


Remote and distributed FinTech providing a digital wallet and bitcoin custody services.


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Technology Institute of Chetumal
2007 - 2011 (4 years)