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Vetted Frontend Developers

Chris J.

I am a Senior Software Developer with 9+ years of expertise; having responsibilities for the design, coding, debugging and documenting of complex software, web and mobile solutions. I take on challenging assignments having the autonomy to make decisions and working with other engineers - paying great attention to client requirements, providing support and adhering to established industry best practices.

Cadron N.

Cardron is an experienced, organized and passionate Software Developer with 10+ years of technical expertise in building and delivering custom themes, plugin development, small and largescale websites, especially in WordPress for diverse clients. He uses a client-focused approach in translating specific technical requirements into innovative software solutions on different client projects.

Kristy M.

I am a resourceful and highly dynamic Software Developer with 3+ years of technical proficiency in web development using Angular for frontend solutions and Node.js/Express.js for backend applications. I am an avid learner of new technologies and highly motivated on all projects. I use a client-centered approach and strive to deliver high quality solutions for clients on all projects.

Vlad A.

I am an ardent Web Developer with 4+ years of industry know-how in frontend development. I have team experience working on projects for an e-commerce platform; developing templates for online stores and applying improved approaches/techniques to the implementation of design principles for different UXs. I have mastery in the creation of responsive layouts for projects and find better solutions on usability.

Kristiyan I.

Kristiyan is a seasoned Software Developer with 6+ years of expertise in the development of different software solutions using various JavaScript contexts for web, mobile or desktop browsers, desktop applications, mobile applications, servers, chrome extensions and more. He is technically adept in the use of numerous frameworks and libraries, and strives to deliver high-quality software solutions on all projects for clients.

Gyuzal R.

I am an expert Full Stack Developer with 7+ years of rich software development experience in fields like healthcare, finance, marketing and education, specializing in the use of C#, .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Typescript, and frameworks like Angular 4+ in delivering excellent software solutions for clients. I employ strong analytical tools for web, desktop, mobile and interactive in-store display apps using T-SQL and SSRS to automate reporting and monitoring.

Wilfredo M.

Wilfredo is a Senior Frontend Developer with a passion for innovation, performance and quality in building intuitive and reliable interfaces, enhanced functionalities and guided experiences on projects. He translates user and business needs into functional frontend designs focused on user experiences and functionalities. He delivers meticulously organized code that enhances quality, accessibility, localization and scalability using modern web UX conventions, standards and best practices.

Sercan A.

Versatile senior software developer with 5+ years of experience working on various projects with different stacks, both as a solo developer or in remote teams of 1-2 to 10 people. I am an effective communicator, very keen on planning and thorough execution, delivering beautiful front-end interfaces, as well as solid back-end architecture. I ensure every part of the software appeals to not just the audience (pixel-perfect) but also internally (well-documented, tested, architectured, composable), using the latest technologies, best practices, and tools.

Gabriel T.

Results-oriented expert JavaScript Developer dedicated to creating and optimizing interactive, user-friendly, and feature-rich websites. I write code for servers, personal computers, mobile devices, and gadgets, making them interact with each other and then exposing pretty interfaces for humans. I enjoy flexibility, innovation, and learning about new technologies, being comfortable working with any library or API.

Lukasz K.

Lukasz is a Senior Front-end Developer with 10+ years of experience working on client and server-side of web applications, always aiming to achieve the best possible UX for each product. Since 2017, he has been working exclusively with Vue.js and has gained extensive experience developing Vue.js-powered SPAs that use WebRTC and WebSocket protocols. Lukasz has been working remotely since 2016 and is looking only for 100% remote roles. He believes in a can-do mindset and is open to working with new technologies and frameworks that help achieve client goals.

9 Important Questions When Hiring a Front End Developer

Before you hire a front-end developer, think about the skills that are necessary to succeed in your organization. If you've never had to hire a developer before, check out our questions below to find out the necessary skills for successful web development or software engineering. If you're unsure of what to ask before you hire front-end developers for your project, here are some example questions to get the conversation started.

1. What skills are necessary to successful front-end developers?

All front-end developers should be able to explain how they use HTML, CSS, and Javascript to build pages and applications with a responsive design, but even junior developers can explain that. You want a front-end developer who will bring a flash of brilliance to your development needs. You want to know what they have added to their portfolio of skills that makes them stand out from the crowd. Maybe they have an extensive catalog of interactive web application elements or extensive knowledge of have to implement Javascript libraries to get the very best results. Putting the ball in the front-end developer's court is an excellent way to dig into the details about the candidate.

2. What is the web application that you are most proud of?

Looking at a developer's portfolio can be intimidating if you're not used to working with their specialism. But asking them to show you their favorite piece and explain why they like it can tell you a lot about their work process. When interviewing a front-end developer, asking how their best samples relate to your project can also shine a lot of light on the development process. Then you will find out whether they truly understand the programming languages that are necessary to make your project a success.

3. How do you make your web pages user-friendly?

Web design is nothing if it doesn't account for user experience (UX). Visitors to your website or customers using your software will have to interact with the UI, so you need a front-end developer who understands how to make websites that work and help visitors/customers find what they need.

  • A front-end developer should be able to explain how they:
  • Use HTML and CSS to make attractive looking websites
  • Use Javascript to make web pages interactive
  • Write code that is optimized for speed

UX best practices include breaking up information for easy reading, avoiding extremely long drop-down menus, and layouts that account for distracted visitors. The best front-end developers will be able to marry technical skills with UX best practices, instead of flooding every web application with attractive but unintuitive features.

4. How do you make your code easy for other front end developers to read?

Even if you find the perfect programmer for your project, that doesn't mean that you won't want to make changes in the future. That's why all good front-end developers need to make human-readable code. The developer should be able to leave clear and concise comments in the code that explain their thought process. Software development also needs to be as succinct as possible - web applications and software interfaces can't have a lot of waste code or they start to slow down.

5. Why would you use a CSS preprocessor?

CSS is necessary for front-end development, but the language needs support to really take development to the next level. Front-end developers should be able to explain at least one CSS preprocessor and how it is used to improve CSS's capabilities. A front-end developer should explain how using a preprocessor like Sass or Less allows them to include variables, nesting, inheritance, and mixins. Ask potential hires how they would include logic to take your project to the next level.

6. Which Javascript library would you recommend for my needs?

Depending on your project, you could receive a lot of different answers to this question. A web developer should be able to explain how they would use jQuery to create code-light applications or React to develop user interfaces for single-page applications. Showing examples of where they have used these libraries in a professional capacity should be expected. If a web developer cannot recommend a library to achieve your goals, they might not be able to provide the service which would be perfect for your design needs.

7. How could asynchronous Javascript be used in this project?

Asynchronous Javascript is used for interactive aspects of a webpage that do not cause it to refresh. Discuss what elements you want to be included with your development project and the top front-end developers will be able to identify how you can use asynchronous Javascript to create an interactive feel.

8. When would you suggest using React instead of front end development?

If you need an attractive UI for a single-page application, a front-end developer should be ready to use React.js. This library was built with creating attractive front pages, thanks to the following qualities:

  • Quick to load
  • Declarative
  • Component-based
  • Easily used for mobile browsers

9. How do you secure the front end?

Security is an afterthought for some, but it shouldn't be during the front-end development process. Front-end developers should be able to explain how they defend against common cyber-attacks on web applications. Common examples include clickjacking (an HTML exploit) and DOM-based cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Ideally, your developer should also understand how to defend the full-stack against common attacks and will explain how they have implemented secure code in the past.

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Hiring Frontend Developers - FAQs

  • How much does it cost to hire a frontend developer?

    UpStack has a simple billing model where each frontend developer has a standard hourly rate averaging between $65-$75 per hour. Rates are based on skills, knowledge, and experience, and our developers are available mainly for full-time engagement (40 hours per week) and the occasional part-time opportunity (20 hours per week).

  • What is the process to find a frontend developer?

    You’ll connect with an UpStack Client Success Manager to determine your immediate needs. Our team uses a combination of AI and personal assessment to short-list candidates that match your job requirements. From there, you interview, select, and onboard the perfect developer, all within days of your initial call.

  • How does UpStack find its frontend developers?

    UpStack’s talent recruitment team connects with software developers around the globe every day. Each frontend programmer is vetted for technical, communication, and other soft skills necessary for a developer to successfully work with your team. Once vetted, the candidates are accepted into the UpStack developer community.

  • How is UpStack different from an agency or recruiter?

    UpStack's community of available, pre-vetted engineering talent means minimizing roadblocks to scaling your team effectively, efficiently, and immediately. Our Client Success Experts work with you and your UpStack developer to ensure a smooth and seamless engagement.

  • Can I hire UpStack frontend developers directly?

    Yes, you can hire UpStack frontend developers at any time, and with the same assurance of smoothly on boarding talent risk-free. First, we’d create a job opening on our portal. Then, we’d vet, interview, and match developers that meet your needs. If you’re satisfied at the end of the 14-day trial period, at any time you can directly hire them.

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